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The school department budget is managed by the Chief Financial Officer and the Business Department under the direction of the Superintendent of Schools and the School Committee. Each year the school department receives appropriations from the City of Pawtucket, Rhode Island Department of Education and United States Department of Education as well as other sources. The annual budget is submitted each year by the Superintendent to be approved by the School Committee with the city appropriation ratified by the City Council.

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Melissa Devine
Chief Financial Officer
Steven Fratiello

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Union Contracts

Pawtucket Teachers Alliance AFT Local 930 Union Contract & Agreements

The Pawtucket Teachers Alliance represents the district's teachers and health professionals. 


Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance, AFT Local 930 Contract (2020-2023)


Fiscal Impact - Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance (AFT Local 930) Contract


Prior Teachers' Contracts


AFSCME Local 1352 Union Contract & Agreement

The American Federation of State, County & Municipal Employees, Local 1352 represents the district's Teacher-Assistants, Clerks, Maintenance and Custodial workers. 


AFSCME, Local 1352 Contract (2018-2021)

AFSCME Local Appendix A (2018-2021)


Fiscal Impact - AFSCME Local 1352 Contract 


 Impact Statement - Pawtucket Teachers' Alliance (AFT Local 930) Contract FY18 to FY20

Vendor Contracts