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The Accounts Payable Office pays all the bills and invoices for the school department as well as assists with and processing purchases, the office also processes receivables. We strive to establish and maintain positive relationships with ALL customers and suppliers, to ensure that all legitimate and authorized invoices are accurately paid in an efficient and timely manner, and to ensure all supplier files are established, maintained and updated.

Title Responsible For Phone Number E-Mail
Raymond Hill Staff Accountant General Accounting
401-729-6284 hillr@psdri.net
Patricia Lithgoe Accounts Payable/Receivable Local Funds Payables and all Receivables 401-729-6340 lithgoep@psdri.net
Rose Bernardo Accounts Payable Grants, Spec. Ed and Maintenance Payables 401-729-6339 bernardor@psdri.net

Office Fax: 401-729-9247

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