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The Payroll and Benefits staff is responsible for the timely processing of all payroll, benefits enrollments/changes, personnel data and attendance/Aesop. The staff must maintain computerized personnel files and complete monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to state and federal agencies. They are responsible for the preparation and distribution of W-2s and 1095-Cs for employees, assisting employees when completing their W-4's, direct deposit, benefits forms, life insurance, Aesop system and 403(b) annuities. The office also does research including pulling and coping records when requested.

Title Responsible For Phone Number E-Mail
Cindy Antypas Payroll/Benefits Supervisor Office Supervisor, Personnel Data & Aesop 401-729-6324 antypasc@psdri.net
Jason Desrosiers, FPC Payroll Clerk - Certified Payroll for Teachers & Administrators
401-729-6343 certpayroll@psdri.net
Patricia Brown Payroll Clerk - Non-Certified Payroll for TAs, Clerks, Custodians, etc. 401-729-6342 brownp@psdri.net
Terri Fleury Benefits Clerk Benefits for all employees and retirees 401-729-6341 fleuryt@psdri.net

Office Fax: 401-729-9247

Current Information & Announcements
  • Last Teacher Payday

    The last teacher salary paycheck will be June 16th! 

    The last non-certified 42 week check will be June 30th! 

    Neither date includes extra days.


  • Prescription Formulary Changes

    Prescription Drug Formulary Changes

    Effective April 1st, Blue Cross Blue Shield updated its prescription drug formulary. This is a regular insurance company practice.

    During this change, certain drugs that you take may have changed co-pay tier and others that now have a generic equivalent may no longer be covered under the brand name.

    Two particularly popular drugs that changed are to Epi-Pen and Benicar. Both Epi-Pen and Benicar both now have a generic equivalent. In the case of Epi-Pen, the generic version is manufactured by the same company as the brand name version. 

    Cllck Here for the Formulary Change Summary


Frontline (Aesop)
Payroll Information & Resources
  • 2016-2017 Payroll Schedules
    2016-2017 Pay Periods, Pay Dates and Special Payouts.
  • Tax Resources
    The latest information from the IRS and other tax resources (Tax forms can be found in the Payroll Forms section)
  • Retirement Resources
    Resources for the state pension system and other retirement information
  • 2016-2017 Teacher New Hire Payroll Guide
    A guide used to orient new-hires on how payroll works at the Pawtucket School Department. It can also be helpful to current teachers that have questions or want to learn more. 
Payroll Forms
  • Tax Forms
    Federal and Rhode Island W-4 forms and other documents. 
  • Direct Deposit Form
    This is the form that all employees must fill out to enroll in or change their direct deposit.
  • Post-Retirement Employment
    Post-Retirement Employment information for ERSRI retirees working in the district; including the rules, information and required form.
  • Reimbursement Center
    Forms and instructions for mileage and parking reimbursements as well as the teacher Material Stipend issued through payroll.
Benefits Information & Resources
Benefit Forms
Request for Personal Information Update

Request for Personal Information Update

Full-Time Employees please use this electronic form.

Substitutes, Coaches and any employees without a PSD account, please fill out this paper form and submit it to the payroll office.​