Response to Intervention

Response to Intervention

What is RTI?

RTI is a tiered process of instruction that allows schools to identify struggling students early and provide appropriate instructional interventions.

RTI Should be a School Wide Model

Although, a schools model may look different, there are several essential and necessary components:

  • Scientifically Research Based Instruction - All children should receive research based reading instruction in the general education classroom.
  • School Wide Screening - Schools should screen all children early to determine if they are “at risk.”
  • Continuous Progress Monitoring - Schools should monitor the progress of all “at risk” children to determine if they are benefiting from instruction.
  • Fidelity - Schools must use any program or curriculum correctly and as intended.

Tiers in RTI

RTI is a delivered to students in tiers or levels. This means there are different levels of intervention, based on the needs of the student. The level of intervention increases in intensity if a child does not respond to instruction.

Resources for RTI