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    The Pawtucket School Department is using for it's District and School websites and also for its teacher websites. We have gathered many resources to help you create your website.We have found to be a very teacher friendly website creation tool offering many videos as well as print resources. You can also find a chat utility that will allow you to ask questions of directly. Please let us know if you need additional help and training by emailing Hersh Cristino at

    Thank you,

    Hersh Cristino
    Chief Information and Innovation Officer

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Resources for your website


Creating A MySchoolDesk Teacher Site

  Click on the "Getting Started" Image to the left. This support area is the first place to go. Here you will find videos on everything from creating your account to adding modules. You will also find PDF documents on each of the modules found in SchoolDesk.
  Click on the "Information" Image to the left. This support area was created to help teachers with "second-generation" My SchoolDesk  TeacherSites from SchoolDesk.

Here you will find just about anything you might ever want to know about creating and managing your own SchoolDesk TeacherSite, including managing pages, what all the modules do, text editor functions and more.

As always, if you still need assitance, don't hesitate to make full use of our "Live Help" service by clicking the HelpDesk button below to speak with any of our support representatives. (8:00am-6:00pm, Monday-Friday)
  Click on the form below when you want to use student photos on your website. 

Photo Permission Form.pdf

Helpful Sites...

The following sites will provide resources for you to build your site. Please make sure that you abide by all site requirements for using their resources. dragon  Create great logos for your site or splashy titles. Cute clip art for your site, geared towards teacher use.
Another site with great clip art for teachers and many other resources.