PD Calendar
Create a file to track your own PD in one handy location:
  1. Be sure you are logged into your psdri.net account.
  2. CLICK HERE to access a sample Google Sheet for tracking PD.
  3. When it opens, click on FILE > Make a Copy, then change the title to include your name. 
  4. This is now saved in your own Google Drive, and you can type into it and edit it.
  5. There are two (2) tabs by default, one for you to type in, the other with some samples and notes. 
Transfering this data into EPSS:
(do this only the year you are being evaluated, not during your "non-evaluation" years):
  1. Copy and paste from this Google Sheet right into EPSS 4.4a

      2. Save it as a PDF by clicking on FILE>Download as PDF, and then upload it into EPSS as an artifact. 
  • NOTE: The latter will preserve any links you have included.
2016-17 Flex PD
Flex PD 2016-17:
What do you want to do?

 Submit Flex PD you have completed using the Google Verification form. CLICK HERE
 Look at Pre-Approved options for your 3.5 hours of OPEN CHOICE PD   

Click Here 
 Request Pre-Approval for OPEN CHOICE PD

Create a copy of the PD verification form to be
used if you attend a pre-approved PD for which you do not
receive a certificate of attendance...

CLICK HERE ~Make a Copy~
Read the details of the Flex PD Day for 2016-17 CLICK HERE                                                                                                 

Flex PD Categories for 2016-17

Required PD for 2016-2017: Total 6.5 hours


Every educator will complete PD designated by the district, based on the educator’s job assignment for that year and current initiatives


3 hours

July 1, 2016 - June 1, 2017



Chosen from the Pawtucket School Department’s PD website (includes both district and union-sponsored PD)


Out-of-District PD Sessions may be accepted, but will require Pre-Approval


3.5 hours

July 1, 2016 – June 1, 2017

*Please note that you cannot count the exact same PD for your Open Choice category if you have already counted it for your Flex PD in previous years, unless there is some difference, such as you had taken "beginner" and then you take "advanced". If you are not sure, please email Melissa Labossiere.