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The Payroll and Benefits staff are responsible for the timely processing of all employee payroll, benefits enrollments/changes, personnel data and attendance. The staff must maintain computerized personnel, payroll and benefits files and complete monthly, quarterly, and annual reports to state and federal agencies. They are responsible for the preparation and distribution of W-2s and 1095-Cs for employees, assisting employees with their W-4's, direct deposit, benefits forms, life insurance, Frontline Absence Management system, wage verifications and 403(b) annuities. The office also does research including pulling and coping records when requested.

Title Responsible For Phone Number E-Mail
Cindy Antypas Payroll/Benefits Supervisor Office Supervisor,  Personnel Data & Frontline 401-729-6324 antypasc@psdri.net
Jason Desrosiers, FPC Payroll Clerk - Certified Payroll for Teachers & Administrators
401-729-6343 certpayroll@psdri.net
Patricia Brown Payroll Clerk - Non-Certified Payroll for TAs, Clerks, Custodians, etc. 401-729-6342 brownp@psdri.net
Terri Fleury Benefits Clerk Benefits for all employees and retirees 401-729-6341 fleuryt@psdri.net


Office Fax: 401-729-9247

Latest Payroll & Benefits News

  • Bi-Weekly Payroll Coming!

    Non-Certified Payroll Transitioning to Bi-Weekly Pay Schedule

    In order to increase efficiency and reduce costs, the Pawtucket School Department will be moving to a bi-weekly payroll schedule for non-certified employees effective later this month. This changeover was agreed upon in the latest collective bargaining agreement between the Pawtucket School Committee and AFSCME Local 1352. 


    We understand that converting from a weekly to a bi-weekly pay schedule can be difficult for employees. In order to make the transition smoother we will be issuing transition checks to ease into a bi-weekly cycle.


    The transition schedule is as follows:

    • Your August 17th paycheck will be your last full weekly paycheck.
    • On August 24th you will receive a paycheck with 40% of your weekly salary, and all overtime earned that week. In this paycheck, there will be no co-share or other deductions.
    • On August 31st you will receive a paycheck with one full week of pay and the other 60% of your pay from the prior week. This paycheck will have bi-weekly co-share and other deductions.

    • You will not receive a paycheck on September 7th.
    • You will receive your first full bi-weekly paycheck on September 14th


    Thank you for your patience during this transition. Employees should contact the payroll office by email with any questions.

Current Information & Announcements

  • First Paycheck Dates

    First Paycheck Dates

    Certified Employees (21PP) - 09/07/18

    Non-Certified Employees (21PP) - 09/14/18

Payroll Calendar


Substitute Central

Frontline (Aesop)

Payroll Information & Resources

  • Payroll Guides
    Employee payroll guides used to orient new-hires on how payroll works at the Pawtucket School Department.  It can also be helpful to current employees that have questions.
  • Payroll Schedules
    2018-2019 Pay Periods, Pay Dates and Special Payouts.
  • Tax Resources
    The latest information from the IRS and other tax resources (Tax forms can be found in the Payroll Forms section)
  • Retirement Resources
    Resources for the state pension system and other retirement information
  • Jury Duty Instructions
    Instructions for what to do if you are selected for Jury Duty.

Payroll Forms

  • Tax Forms
    Federal and Rhode Island W-4 forms and other documents. 
  • Direct Deposit Form
    This is the form that all employees must fill out to enroll in or change their direct deposit.
  • Post-Retirement Employment
    Post-Retirement Employment information for ERSRI retirees working in the district; including the rules, information and required form.
  • Reimbursement Center
    Forms and instructions for mileage and parking reimbursements as well as the teacher Material Reimbursement issued through payroll.

Benefits Information & Resources

Benefit Forms

Request for Personal Information Update

Request for Personal Information Update

Full-time employees and part-time employees with a PSD gmail account, please use this electronic form.

Per-diem, part-time hourly, stipend employees and any employees without a PSD account, please fill out either this online form or this paper form and submit it to the payroll office.​